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Customer Testimonials
Last updated: May 9th 2019

Testimonial John and Dulci  - May 19

"Dear Dave,

Thank you for coming out to us a few weeks ago to help us with our golden retriever Skipper.

We’ve really implemented your advice and methods and are pleased to say that Skipper is so much better behaved. We can now take him for walks around people and other dogs- the special collar has made such a difference. Also we’re able to leave him at home alone without him getting distressed.

He still has his moments and we keep him on the lead when out, but we now feel in control and consequently are more relaxed and confident.

Thank you and best wishes,

John and Dulci"

Testimonial Lucy G - February 19


Just wanted to say thank you to dave for yesturday and i know only came yesturday but quick update took crystal on 3 walks today she walked by my side got bit excited at times but did a correction and she listend i changed pace kept with it she also ignored a cat running and one 5 steps in front of us normaly would never do that felling more confident not seen any dogs yet ones right in the distance but still not react which is good i know wont be pefect everyday and it is really early days yet but she so much better allready and she went toilet on grass when asked to and came of as well dave said about doing training not this saturday but next my family can defently do it looking forward to it was wandring on the times my dad at work till 12. again thank you

kindest regards,

Lucy G"

Testimonial Nat and Rob - October 18


I just wanted to thank you again for today. My parent's arrived as soon as you had left and we continued with what you had started, I had to battle with my mum a little as she felt very sorry for Ivy but we managed for the first time ever to have a coffee and a chat without being jumped all over, Ivy was very relaxed in her bed after her sulky stare at me! We will continue and have a brilliantly behaved dog!


Nat and Rob"

Testimonial Neil N. - October 18

"Hi All,

I thought today's session with Dave was very good and would like to come again next week with Ruth as well. Saturday afternoon or anytime Sunday would be best for us if possible. Could you let me know if you have a time available please?



A proud Bear II

"Hi Gail A very proud Bear!

Thank you both for everything

xx Jenny "

Kevin and Golden Girl Pixie
"Just to say a big thank you for getting little Pixie Lot through her training classes to reach gold. As you know Kevin did say you 'would have your work cut out' mainly because he probably needed just as much intensive training than our little Staffy 'Pixie'. However, she is now looking forward to going on to her advanced training with you for the next session and needless to say Kevin will have to 'pull his socks up' to keep up with her now!!

Thanks again.

Doreen and Kevin and Pixie Lot "

Kevin and Pixie

"Thought I would send you the latest pic of a 'proud dad' with Pixie's Bronze and Silver Certificates - wonders will never cease eh!! Of course David is getting the usual doggy attention which he does not seem too fazed about!!!

Keep smiling

Love Doreen"

Doreen and Elsa

"Hi Dave and Gail.... Another Proud owner!!!! Cheers, Dors"

One very happy owner with her rescue dog Elsa, proudly showing off the well deserved Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze certificate.

Doreen and Elsa

"Her dad was very proud of her!!!"

Elsa again, this time with the coveted Trophy contested by those dogs who stay on after their Gold award.

Testimonial Pete and Sandra - February 15

"Hi Dave and Gail,

Many thanks for the kind and professional assistance, in helping Angus achieve his GOLD Certificate. We feel very proud to have a young dog with this grade. Without your professional assistance and guidance, we feel it would have been a more difficult task. Your classes were always very enjoyable for us both, and our dog Angus. The same can be said for all levels, Puppy, Bronze and Silver, providing a good social atmosphere. We will stay in touch and wish you both every success for the future. Our recommendations to other dog owners who wish to receive training, will be put forward. 

Kind Regards

Pete and Sandra"

Testimonial Carol A. - July 15


I would like to thank you for the training you did with Amber whilst we are away. Since we have bought her home she has been a pleasure to walk. She is so much better at her recall. She still has her puppy mad moments but is much calmer so thank you for whatever you did!!! I would like to bring her back to classes probably in October as she is being speyed. Please can you advise class availability

Kind regards


Testimonial Michelle and Mark S. - June 15


We would just like to thank Dave for today's meeting regarding Rocky. We really appreciated all the information Dave gave us and it all made complete sense. We are so relieved and excited to work with Rocky after Daves help! We will be in touch soon with some boarding dates & classes. Once again Thanks Dave you are a star!   

Many thanks

Michelle & Mark S"

Testimonial Helen - September 14

"Hi Dave, Gail,

I just wanted to let you both know that the extra training seems to have worked wonders (almost!) with Archie. Nat came back from Uni last weekend and reckoned he was a changed dog! Of course he isn’t, he does still have his moments, but he does seem to be a lot calmer and now knows who the boss is!!

Thanks so much for all your advice.

Best wishes


Testimonial Sarah & Andy B - October 14


I just wanted to contact you to say thank you after your visit on 29th Sept '14. Andy and I are trying to follow your sound words of advice and the results were instant!! Zeus and Tia have learnt some house rules and we are trying to be more disciplined! No further dog disagreements to date!

Many thanks

Sarah & Andy B"

Testimonial Jackie - February 14

"Hi Dave,

I would have text you if I had your mobile, but I'm hoping you'll pick this email up soon. I couldn't wait til Thursday to say a massive thank you for yesterday's session. Eric has been absolutely brilliant on the lead since, and no fuss putting it on either. I can't believe it, it's made all the difference! I'm so happy I can't tell you- and I'm excited about the next walk time as soon as I come home. Fingers crossed I'm not celebrating too early! Ha ha.

Thank you.


Testimonial Julian (Bartley Green) - June 11

"Hi Dave (from Mr Stanley)

I just wanted to say a big thanks for training Stanley (and me) over the last few months. When you came to visit us, I was having a nightmare with him and I really thought we had gone for the wrong breed. I never imagined he could, less than a year later, get the gold award (only just, I know). He is now pretty much under control, thanks to the techniques you've taught us, so thanks very much.

Cheers Julian (Mr Stanley)"

Testimonial Sharon J - July 14

"Hello Dave

This morning's walk was a revelation! My daughter thinks you have swapped our boxer for a different one! Seriously.......thanks for the advice yesterday. I feel you might make a competent dog owner out of me yet. I look forward to the class next Monday (still with some trepidation but nowhere near as much).

Kind regards Sharon"

Testimonial Andrew & Kate - June 13

"Dear Gail and Dave plus kennel staff,

Many thanks for looking after Luther and Blondi this week whilst we were on holiday. We have to say that they were the happiest and most settled that we have seen them after a stay in kennels and are now settling back into their home. We will definitely be booking them in with you in the future and would not hesitate to recommend to others.

All the best

Andrew and Kate"

Testimonial Carol (Stratford) - July 11

"On recommendation from several friends and fellow dog walkers I first contacted Dave back in April 2010. Initially, I asked for help with lead walking my head strong weimaraner, Archie who continually pulled me like a train and was a constant source of embarrassment to me whilst out on his lead (and sometimes off his lead – but that’s another story)! Dave’s skills and experience were evident on our first meeting as he took hold of Archie’s lead and I stood and watched in utter amazement as Archie gave an award winning performance in walking to heel.

....... I have also boarded Archie at Dave’s Kennels and being a bit of a ‘paranoid, soppy kind of dog mom’, coupled with knowing only too well Archie’s, sometimes less desirable capabilities, I have managed to take some time away feeling completely assured that he is in excellent hands! Archie’s dominant behaviour continues to challenge me on a daily basis and Dave’s knowledge, time, patience and advice are absolutely invaluable to me. I would not hesitate to recommend Dave’s services to anyone who feels they may need a helping hand with their four legged friend!

Thank you Dave

Carol and Archie."

Testimonial Helen & Turlough - Feb 12

"Hi Dave We just wanted to drop you a line to say a big THANK YOU for your help with Shadowe, our 10 month old Pyrenean Mountain Dog. With your hints and tips one week later we cant believe its the same dog!!! He knew straight away things had changed and initially tried a couple of new tricks, but by standing firm and showing him who's boss his behaviour inside the house is great and walking him is a pleasure. Thank you again. Best wishes

Helen & Turlough"


Testimonial Brian W and partner - Apr 12

"Thankyou, Dave Shaw and Wife.

Several months ago, my partner and I decided to have a pet, a dog. After much deliberation, we decided on a Bichon Friz, this breed, being small, but not tiny didn't need hours of excersise, and didn't shed its coat.

Having purchased the animal, a bitch which we named Lily (Cos it was white) i wanted to make sure we ended up with a reasonably trained, reasonably obedient dog. We enroled ourselves and Lily into Dog Training classes with Dave Shaw Dog Training. We started with a basic course, and i must say that we enjoyed the classes which contained dogs of all ages.

Dave's ability to explain, and demonstrate the various tasks was outstanding, and we soon saw Lily making good progress, and at the end of the course she would Sit, Stay, laydown, and walk to heel on the lead. We didnt want a super trained dog, but we decided we and the dog enjoyed the lessons so much, we went for further training taking the Bronze and Silver Kennel Club Tests. Lily passed, and we now have a happy well behaved dog that we can take any where with confidence. Our thanks go to Dave Shaw for the most enjoyable, productive lessons, filled with lots of humour and patience.

I would recommend these training courses to anyone who,wants to have an obedient dog. Thanks again to Dave and his wife for their profesional help and guidence

Brian W"


Testimonial Suzanne T-J - Apr 12

"Dear Dave

We are still working hard with Harry putting into practice your advice and suggestions. I just wanted to take time out to say how much we appreciated your help when we needed it most. Your experience, skills and moreover your lovely anecdotal approach still keeps us smiling and we have managed to get our boy back on track.

With huge thanks



Testimonial Tracey (Lickey) - Sept 11

"Just a quick line to say a huge, huge thank you! Since Dave's visit yesterday, I have a different dog. She IS a dog now, rather than seeing herself as something else. Calm, obedient (mostly!) and with proper 'down time' - as I type she's relaxing on her new bed in the sitting room, something that was unimaginable a few short days ago. Thank you so much, Dave.


Testimonial Ian & Carol (Redditch) - April 07

"We currently have five Golden Retriever dogs, and over the course of the years each one has attended Dave's training classes, and have progressed on to successfully take the Good Citizen Gold Award. I was apprehensive at first about making a fool of myself in front of others, but the relaxed, informal classes really put me at ease. A couple of the dogs have had specific training issues, and each was successfully addressed by Dave's trainiing methods or suggestions. Both myself & my wife have recommended Dave's classes to a number of people in the past."

Testimonial Geraldine (Volunteer, Worcester RSPCA) - February 10

"Just wanted to say a big "Thank You" for going to see Sam & the Freear family on Friday. They were so grateful for your help and pleased that, at last, they feel as if they will be able to keep Sam. I've never known them so happy !! They said they'd got further in one day, than in all the time they've had Sam and could now see a future with him.

With sincere thanks & best wishes Geraldine."

Testimonial Doreen (Redditch) - June 08

"Thank you for all the help you have given both Tara, my rescued, dog and me. Tara thoroughly enjoys her training sessions with you each week and her confidence and socialisation has enabled her to become a well adjusted, calm and well trained dog after having suffered from an anxiety separation disorder and fear of other dogs prior to when I first adopted her. Being an older dog of 4 years of age when I first re-homed her she had many issues which needed to be addressed. David's calm influence and understanding has sorted all these issues and made me a confident dog-owner. Tara thoroughly enjoys all her training sessions and it is now a great joy and a sense of 'relief' to see how well she gets on with all the other dogs. She has achieved all her 'gongs' Bronze, Silver and Gold thanks to David's continued support."

Best Wishes, Doreen and Tara

Testimonial Chris - Sept 09

"The puppies are Tibetan Terriers one male one female 18 weeks old yesterday. Their names Daisy and Rudolph. We attended your classes in 2007 with their mother, Rhoni and it is the best thing we ever did as she is such a lovely and mainly well behaved dog now and a terrific mother too. So our thanks to Dave for his patience in his training classes." Regards Chris

Testimonial Karine - June 08

"I just wanted to say a really big thank for everything that you have done for Buster and myself. I know at times he was hard work and it was just not the training of the dog but also training me, we have worked through it together and have finally after trying 4 times got 'Gold'. People are also starting to see a big difference in him compared to when we first had him back in September 2006. Thanks once again for everything that you have done." Karine and Buster X

Testimonial Ann & Pat (Wolverhampton) - May 07

"We recently re-homed a five year old German Shepherd dog. However he was posing to be a problem in areas such as been unsociable with other dogs, bikes, people visiting the house and generally becoming rather a handful and our outside ventures somewhat fraught.
My partner and I put this down to his having been in a house for a number of years and not having contact with the outside world, however our attitude was not helping the situation and things were getting increasingly worse.

Having made contact with Dave and Gail and subsequently Dave’s home visit, the improvement has been amazing after only one week. It is like having a different dog in the house, our friends are amazed at the difference and how positive it has been in such a short time.

We highly recommend Dave to people in a similar situation or to those just wanting to know the correct way to have a socially acceptable dog."

Testimonial Gill (Birmingham) - October 07

"Thankyou for all your help with Bob, I feel much better with him now,though I know he will never get over his insecurity completely, he was brilliant on holiday, and I'm sure he was trying to put his training into practice! I would like to bring him again to some classes. Or even take him to some kind of agility course. He loves to be doing something. I will keep in touch. Thanks again, you are brilliant with the dogs, (and people!)."

Testimonial Sheila, Graham and Anna-Louise, Barnt Green - May 08

"Thank you for the help you have given us over the past 6 months regarding the training of 'Tess'. The sessions have helped tremendously and, although she may not have been the model dog in your classes, tess is now very well behaved in the house and is social with other dogs. You have a great wealth of knowledge and experience regarding dog behaviour, which you have shared in an amusing and entertaining manner. People spoke very highly of your classes before we attended and we now understand why. We were delighted that Tess achieved the Silver Award.  Once again, a big thank you from us all.."

Testimonial Teresa and Ben, Blackwell - May 08

"Many thanks for all you have done.  It's nice now to take Zara out and not worry about her jumping at everyone."

Testimonial Jean, Bromsgrove - May 08

"A big thank you for all the Monday night lessons, which have been very enjoyable and made such a big difference to Boyzee."

Testimonial Hopwood Veterinary Clinic, Hopwood, Nr Birmingham - Jan 08

"We frequently recommend clients to take their pets to Dave Shaw. We notice he has a high success rate in correcting behavioural issues."

Testimonial Chris H, Tardebigge - Aug 08

Dear Dave,

Re: Emlyn (Lickey Training Class) I am very sorry that we are unable to complete our training, due to unforseen family circumstances (needing to suddenly provide 24 hour care for an elderly relative). I didn't want you to think I had "given up"! I have found your classes very useful, providing a different perspective from classes I attended with my older dogs. Emlyn is getting there - he is very good walking on his lead, and is starting to calm down generally. I will have no hesitation in recommending your classes to other dog owners.

Thank you, Best wishes,


Testimonial Paul & Jayne - Jun 09

"....... And just to let you know you may add our names to the list of those who revere Dave! Only 48 hours after his visit, we have a different dog. Our fingers are crossed he is able to do the same for my parents on Saturday when he visits Jerry.

Kind regards, Paul & Jayne"

Testimonial Julie (Dudley) - Oct 09

"Good morning Gail/Dave, I hope you are both well. Just a quick question, when Hamish came back he looked really healthy and shiny. I know you had just washed him but i wondered what you had fed him and if that had made him look nice. i normally feed him on Royal Canin sensible

Cheers, Julie"

Testimonial Roger Jackson (Hollywood) - Oct 09

he thought the (behavioural) visit would be a load of 'twaddle' but was absolutely amazed and thought Dave had worked a miracle!

Testimonial Rob and Jo (Worcestershire) - Jan 10

Just a quick note to say thanks very much for the home visit. We have made the changes suggested and it seemed to have an instant effect, we thought we would leave it a week to see if the novelty would wear off but in fact things have become even better! Bill is responding well to the changes, his behaviour in the house is much improved, he has given up trying to follow us round, he only comes for fuss when called - and then really appreciates it. He responds to voices command much better and in general is a much easier dog to live with! Out on the lead the pinch collar has transformed him! He is very calm and collected, very focused, and he is beginning to respond well to the word heal with minimal checking and correction. His respect for jo has improved and he now adores his 'playtime' instead of having toys round all the time. Obviously its early days....but wanted to give you some feedback and to say thanks!!!

Best Regards, Rob & Jo

Testimonial Linda H (Quinton, Birmingham) - Apr 10

" Many thanks for the training session it was very helpful. I have already seen lots of benefits and have walked Millie morning and evening since Monday. She is really getting the hang of it or should that be I am getting the hang of it!! My parents came around last night and Mark put Millie on the lead and took her with him to the door and then made her go onto her bed. My parents were amazed at the transformation and where before my father was frightened of Millie he called her over and gave her lots of fuss and then she returned to her bed.

I am already enjoying her so much more and can start to really imagine her coming with us along the canals. I have given your details to a couple of work colleagues so you may be hearing from them soon!

Thanks again.