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Should my dog be vaccinated?

Yes, your dog should have the usual puppy vaccinations and annual boosters.  We highly recommend kennel cough vaccination too, which if boarding with us would need to be done (if due) at least 3 weeks prior to coming in to us.  If you are not sure about any vaccination programme, consult your Vet.

Do you collect and deliver dogs?

Yes, we can if necessary, if you are within our normal catchment area.  Our vans are fully equipped with secure dog cages for comfort and safety of your dog while travelling, and fully insured, MOT’d, taxed and regularly serviced.  We have fans and heating for all seasons.

Do you provide food if my dog boards with you?

We provide Wagg complete meal and have a selection of tinned meat.  If that is acceptable for your dog, no need to provide your own food.  If your dog is a fussy eater, prone to tummy upset or has specific dietary needs you can bring your own food.

What exercise / play facilities do you have?

We have 2 grass paddocks, an enclosed Courtyard, 2 further exercise runs away from the kennels, lots of toys, a few agility props and dedicated staff who love playing with your dog.  We also lead walk around our local quiet lanes where required.

Are the kennels heated?

Yes, they are very modern kennels with internal heating in each kennel which can be set for each individual dog.  We also have air-con and fans if required in Summer months

My dog has allergies, do you cater for this?

Yes no problem.  Send a written list of do’s and don’ts, plus your dog’s own food, medications etc. and we will follow your instructions to the letter.

Is there parking on site?

Yes there is ample parking space.  Come through the main gate, park on Car Park and then head for Reception.

What payment methods are accepted?

Payment is cash or cheque on the day as we do not have payment card facility.

How long is Dave there for a home visit?

Each case is different, but about 1 1/2 - 2hours he is with you

Does Dave give advice over the phone?

Dave can only give advice on dog’s he has seen and assessed, as what may be relevant to do with one dog, maybe totally the wrong thing for another dog. However if an emergency occurs and you are waiting to see Dave, he will give some interim advice for safety as necessary.

What training methods does Dave use?

Dave follows proven classical methods of praise and correction.  Each dog is an individual, and so he would recommend the best method to use for your dog, based on age, temperament and size and the problem to be resolved, or the desired level of training you wish to accomplish.

Should I have a home visit or an on-site session with Dave?

This will depend on the problem you are having, and we are happy to guide you with this.  In most circumstances a home visit is initially required, as this is where the dog is most confident and will show their true colours.

Can you look after my dog who is very aggressive with people while I am on holiday?

Yes that is not a problem.  We have purpose built kennels with a shutter system, and trained staff, so your dog will be looked after and cared for without anyone put at risk.

How successful will a home visit or residential training be?

Dave has over 25 years experience and is recommended by many Vets.  Do look at our testimonials page.  You will need to put in some work and time yourself following Dave’s work with the dog, and if you consistently put Dave’s recommendations into practise, you will continue progressing your dog further following his visit dog’s stay.

What happens on a home visit?

​Dave will discuss the background of your dog, your daily routine, your feeding and exercise programme and the dog’s role in the house.  He would then discuss the difficulties you are having, and based on that work with you and the dog.  He would address the issues first hand himself with the dog and then show you how you should deal with it.

How long should my dog stay for residential training?

Each dog is different, and Dave will arrange a consultation with you prior to residential training.  He will assess you and the dog together, and then advise you on duration needed depending on training requirements.  This would normally be 7 - 10 days, but could be up to 14 days if more than one thing is being worked on.

Is a rescue dog too old to train?

No not at all.  Some behaviours’s are learnt and some are genetic.  Dave can assess the dog and then work on improving behaviour as much as is possible for that dog.

What is the best age to start training your dog?

The younger they start (post vaccinations)the better, however this is not always possible, so it is a matter of fitting it in as soon as you possibly can.

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