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Dave is a Canine Behaviourist and referred by many vets within a 20 mile radius of Redditch. He deals with any behavioural problems, no matter how large or small.
  • He will come to your home to assess your dog and see the behaviour at its worst!
  • He will discuss your dogs’ background, routine, feeding and exercise, role within the household and behaviour problems
  • He will assess the dog, environment and situation
  • He will work with the dog, and you. This may be hands-on work, and/or further discussion within the home, or maybe out on a walk depending on the undesirable behaviour
  • He will address each issue, and give follow on advise for you to be able to deal with yourself
  • Normally one visit is enough if you continue to put into practise what has been discussed. He will give advice over the phone should you have any difficulties, or follow-up visits are available if required
  • Success rate is 99% if owners put into practise all aspects that have been discussed