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Dear Dave,

Thank you for coming out to us a few weeks ago to help us with our golden retriever Skipper.

We’ve really implemented your advice and methods and are pleased to say that Skipper is so much better behaved. We can now take him for walks around people and other dogs- the special collar has made such a difference. Also we’re able to leave him at home alone without him getting distressed.

He still has his moments and we keep him on the lead when out, but we now feel in control and consequently are more relaxed and confident.

Thank you and best wishes,

John and Dulci  - May 19


Just wanted to say thank you to Dave for yesterday and i know only came yesterday but quick update took crystal on 3 walks today she walked by my side got bit excited at times but did a correction and she listened i changed pace kept with it she also ignored a cat running and one 5 steps in front of us normally would never do that felling more confident not seen any dogs yet ones right in the distance but still not react which is good i know wont be perfect everyday and it is really early days yet but she so much better already and she went toilet on grass when asked to and came of as well Dave said about doing training not this Saturday but next my family can definitely do it looking forward to it was wondering on the times my dad at work till 12. again thank you

kindest regards

Lucy G - February 19


I just wanted to thank you again for today. My parent's arrived as soon as you had left and we continued with what you had started, I had to battle with my mum a little as she felt very sorry for Ivy but we managed for the first time ever to have a coffee and a chat without being jumped all over, Ivy was very relaxed in her bed after her sulky stare at me! We will continue and have a brilliantly behaved dog!


Nat and Rob - October 18

Hi All,

I thought today's session with Dave was very good and would like to come again next week with Ruth as well. Saturday afternoon or anytime Sunday would be best for us if possible. Could you let me know if you have a time available please?


Neil N - October 18

Thought I would send you the latest pic of a ' proud dad' with Pixie's Bronze and Silver Certificates - wonders will never cease eh!! Of course David is getting the usual doggy attention which he does not seem too fazed about!!!

Keep smiling

Love Doreen

Hi Dave and Gail,

Many thanks for the kind and professional assistance, in helping Angus achieve his GOLD Certificate. We feel very proud to have a young dog with this grade. Without your professional assistance and guidance, we feel it would have been a more difficult task. Your classes were always very enjoyable for us both, and our dog Angus. The same can be said for all levels, Puppy, Bronze and Silver, providing a good social atmosphere. We will stay in touch and wish you both every success for the future. Our recommendations to other dog owners who wish to receive training, will be put forward.

Kind Regards

Pete and Sandra


We would just like to thank Dave for today's meeting regarding Rocky. We really appreciated all the information Dave gave us and it all made complete sense. We are so relieved and excited to work with Rocky after Daves help! We will be in touch soon with some boarding dates & classes. Once again Thanks Dave you are a star!    

Many thanks

Michelle and Mark S


I would like to thank you for the training you did with Amber whilst we are away. Since we have bought her home she has been a pleasure to walk. She is so much better at her recall. She still has her puppy mad moments but is much calmer so thank you for whatever you did!!! I would like to bring her back to classes probably in October as she is being spayed. Please can you advise class availability

Kind regards

Carol A


I just wanted to contact you to say thank you after your visit on 29th Sept '14. Andy and I are trying to follow your sound words of advice and the results were instant!! Zeus and Tia have learnt some house rules and we are trying to be more disciplined! No further dog disagreements to date!

Many thanks

Sarah and Andy B

Hi Dave, Gail,

I just wanted to let you both know that the extra training seems to have worked wonders (almost!) with Archie. Nat came back from Uni last weekend and reckoned he was a changed dog! Of course he isn’t, he does still have his moments, but he does seem to be a lot calmer and now knows who the boss is!!

Thanks so much for all your advice.

Best wishes


Hi Dave,

I would have text you if I had your mobile, but I'm hoping you'll pick this email up soon. I couldn't wait til Thursday to say a massive thank you for yesterday's session. Eric has been absolutely brilliant on the lead since, and no fuss putting it on either. I can't believe it, it's made all the difference! I'm so happy I can't tell you- and I'm excited about the next walk time as soon as I come home. Fingers crossed I'm not celebrating too early! Ha ha.

Thank you.


Hi Dave (from Mr Stanley)

I just wanted to say a big thanks for training Stanley (and me) over the last few months. When you came to visit us, I was having a nightmare with him and I really thought we had gone for the wrong breed. I never imagined he could, less than a year later, get the gold award (only just, I know). He is now pretty much under control, thanks to the techniques you've taught us, so thanks very much.


Hi team,

Just to say that Arthur and I thoroughly enjoyed the session with Dave. It was difficult to explain why I wanted Arthur to come with me first before leaving him at the kennels, but Dave completely understood where I was coming from, Dave said that he was 'delicate', that sums him up really! I didn't want to come across as ridiculous, mamby pambering Arthur, I just really needed for Arthur to be seen rather than try to explain what he's like, so I'm really glad that Dave gets what I meant about Arthur needing to be gently eased in to being left. I've always called him a nervous little thing, but 'delicate' is the perfect description!

Thank you so much

Tania :o)

Hi Gail/Sharon

I have some feedback for Dave after Indys assessment this afternoon, just by taking Daves advice about too many toys etc in the house, we bagged them up like he said, wow what a difference already, Indy has been so calm its fantastic, please tell Dave we are very happy and look forward to training on next group available.

Kind Regards,


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